We specialise in publishing books, albums, folders, postcards, etc. By performing almost the entire process on our own (concept, photographs, graphical design, scanning, preparation of photographs, editing, translation, typesetting, etc.) we guarantee a high editing quality of our publications. Our publications are printed by recognised printing shops, selected depending on customer's. requirements.

Tarnów w malarstwie
Autor: praca zbiorowa
Wydanie: I
ISBN 978-83-64923-00-5
Objętość: 304 strony
Format: 240x300cm

Cena: 99 zł

Ziemia Noworudzko-Broumovska
Author: Łukasz Olszewski
Edition: I
ISBN 978-83-938023-1-9
Volume: 100 pages
Size: 29x21cm

Żagań County on Old Postcards
Author: Marian Ryszard Świątek
Edition: I
ISBN 978-83-926277-3-9
Volume: 152 pages
Size: 16,5x23,5cm

Barwy Mojego Powiatu
Author: collective work
Edition: I
ISBN 978-83-935806-8-2
Volume: 100 pages
Size: 29x29cm

Roadside Crosses and Shrines in the Landscape of Polish-Czech Borderland
Author: Łukasz Olszewski
Edition: I
ISBN 978-83-926277-0-8
Volume: 124 pages
Size: 22x28cm

Landscape of Foothills
Author: collective work
Edition: I & II
ISBN 978-83-920160-3-8
Volume: 120 pages
Size: 21x28cm

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